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Professional OEM injection mould for abs/pc/pvc/pp/pa66/pmma plastic injection molding

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Professional team for mold design and mold making
  • Mold-flow analyzing
  • DFM analyzing
  • Reasonable mold design
  • Scientific production flow chart

Product Details


BP plastic injection mold manufacturer was founded  in 2000.our company specialized in plastic injection mould design ,mold manufacture and injection molding .we achieveved ISO 4000 & TS16949 certificate. We have acquired advanced mold process and inspection equipment more than 100 sets , advanced molding machines from 80T to 2000 150units.  Our mainly products including automotive components & household appliances & medical and aerospace plastic injection molds...etc, We also provide excellent engineering design services to our customers, through early engagement in design for manufacturability, design for assembly and fast prototyping to meet the time to market and time to volume customer’s needs. our client from all over the Word ,we impressed our customers with competitive price and high quality and excellent service . We, BP injection   mold maker , to be your trustable and reliable partner of professional tool maker and high-end injection molding service provider.  We look forward to servicing you to enable your business success by designing and delivering premium quality products through plastic injection tooling fabrication and plastic parts injection molding.  6.jpgmold-details.jpg1.jpgH9fcdd38d6fec42098e0b84aad9934a51O.jpg_.webp.jpg产品描述_01.jpg产品描述_02.jpg产品描述_03.jpg产品描述_04.jpg产品描述_05.jpg


Q : Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A : We are a tool manufacturer specialized in customized injection molds ,mold components,plastic products for foreign markets

Q : Which kind information need for quotation ?

1. Product 2D / 3D drawing 2.Product material 3.Cavitation 4. Runner type : cold or hot 5. Mould steel type 6. Mould trial and sample quantity 7. Other special requirements

Q : I have a sample but dont have drawing , what can I do ?

A : Please send us some photos of the sample . And you can send us asample and tell us your idea we will help to finish the 3D drawing design.

Q : Can you produce if I have a drawing ?

A : Please send your drawing to our sales representative , then all the information will be forwarded to our engineer and they will evaluate it . A detailed proposal will be advised within 24 hours

Q : How do we control the mold processing ?

A : We will send the process report and mold processing pictures every week to the customer.

Q : What is your lead time ?

A : For injection mold , generally it is 28-60 days as the products structure is different so the leadtime will also be different For injection molding parts , 5-10 days for small order , if more we will discuss.

Q : Didn't find the answer you were looking for ?

A : Please contact us today with your questions and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.


Jiangmen Billow Peak Technology Co., Ltd.

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